My Name is Bill Hampton, and as you can see from the images collected here I love photography and the outdoors.
Most of these “images” are micro-seconds of my day to day life, and are my attempt to capture and enjoy again and again as well as “share with others” what I see.
Most of these images are taken, in the areas around my home in Desoto County, Mississippi, and In the Memphis, Shelby County Tennessee area. They are taken in the morning on my way to work, on my way home in the evenings and every spare minute I can escape outdoors. It is what I “see” each day that most overlook, or drive right past and never realize the life, and beauty that they are missing. These images are all shot of “wild” animals and in “public places, or our own back yard and are not shot in captivity "unless specified". I just hope that these photos will inspire others to “look around you” each day. Wildlife is all around us you just have to “see” what is there. “Thanks dad for teaching me to “see” what is around me that others overlook”!! Inquiries about photos, etc please e-mail me at

Who am I?
First and foremost, I am a Husband, father, of two children of my own and have 4 step children. My wife Robin and I are very blessed in more ways than most people can imagine, we have been through a lot together but we are stronger for it. There is Rascal Flatt’s song “Broken Road” that is, “our song” and the song that describes how I feel about my wife with the verse “God Bless the Broken Road that led me straight to you”. I thank my Beautiful wife for putting up with my “early hours” and sleepless nights that I subject her to as I slip out to go “Do my thing” and leave her burying her head under the covers. She is NOT a morning person, but she respects my need to get my “fix” of Sunrises and critters.

My father was a Hunter and Fisherman and lifelong outdoorsman, who “worked” in Insurance sales and Management for his working life, but he “lived” on the lake, walking behind his birddogs and working in his garden. He was raised in an outdoor family as well, as my grandfather, and great grandfather. They were in the Timber industry and passed that knowledge on to my father. I have never seen anyone that had the ability to identify trees like my father could. He would walk through the winter woods and could tell you the different Oak’s Hickory’s and Pines by the bark and shape of the tree alone.
My Mother is our family Matriarch, who raised me and my 4 brothers to put God and our family above all else, and we and my Dad were all very blessed to have her guidance and Strength in our lives. We spent our weekends and summers on the lake, and in the fields and woods of the area where Bear Creek and the Tennessee River meet. We were all very blessed to have the life our family had and there is not a day that I do not thank God for that.

I am a lifelong outdoorsman, Hunter and Fisherman. I am a Biologist/Entomologist by Education, who currently make’s my living working inside a cubicle as a Supervisor in the Pharmaceutical industry.
Most folks that “really know me”, find it hard to believe that I work inside now to make a living. I find that hard to believe myself at times, but feel very fortunate to have the job and benefits that I do today.
I get my outdoor fix each morning, evening and every spare minute that I can outdoors.
I am not a professional photographer by any stretch and I have this site to share some of what I see on a day to day basis and hope that it will bless others in a small way like it affects me. I feel very blessed that my father and Mother instilled in me the “Vision” to look beyond the obvious in everything that we do and to truly enjoy what our Lord placed on this earth for us to enjoy. I hope each of you will take the time to look around you and see all that is there “wherever you live” as there is beauty and life wherever you are, as long as you look for it. Most of my work is wildlife related and I do admit to being biased towards waterfowl and birds but have included here some galleries of other items as well.

I will “sell” copies of some of these images through the available companies listed (see cart tab and what is available) and I will grant permission for their use “by request” for single use and educational purposes. Any sales will be used on additional photography equipment to assist me in my day to day quest to chronicle and share what I see.
Equipment and Photography experience: I got the Photography bug when I was a teenager, but was very limited in my funds and equipment and my first camera was an old 35mm, that came from my father and a Polaroid “Swinger” Instamatic that I bought at a yard sale. Then I progressed to a 35mm SLR and shot quite a lot for several years before I got away from it for a while. I am what many call “self taught” but that is far from true, I have reaped most of my knowledge, from books, videos, internet and many, many other people during my entire life. Many have helped me along the way, far too many to name individually but thank you to all, and thanks to all that continue to share with me and allow me to learn from them and there “knowledge of Photography and the outdoors”.
The best 500.00 investment I have ever made in my life was the Purchase of my first Digital SLR, a Canon XS. It re-kindled the fire under my Photography bug, and inspired me to hone my skills and equipment in order to “share” my visions with others. My photos were taken with that camera and one of three lenses, the 18-55mm and 70 to 300mm lenses. I just recently purchased my first real glass in a 150 to 500mm Sigma OS lens, I am very pleased with it at this point and do very much feel my equipment is much better than I am.

I have always felt and continue to feel that “being there and seeing what is there” comes far above what equipment that you shoot. I would love to have some longer and better quality lenses, but if you cannot see it, and cannot get reasonably close it does not matter what you shoot. I will place outdoor skills above equipment any day, “but it would sure be nice to have an 800mm Canon L lens!!!!” I am continuing to learn each day. Come back to my site regularly here and watch my progress!!

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DUCKLABDAD!! I often get asked where I got the name that I use as a screen name and avatar in most any site that I am a member of. I got that name many years ago, when I purchased my first 286 series IBM computer and got internet access. My two kids were about 6 and 8 they are 25 and 23 today. We were setting up our internet and giving each of us a sign on name. I let the kids give me mine! Because we had an Aviary and bred and hunted Ducks, raised and trained Labrador retrievers and was there dad they came up with DUCKLABDAD. I have used it ever since!
Woodduck drake